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Healthy Provisions Program

A program that provides healthy and nutritious food to those who are in need at no cost.  This program will consist of 3 divisions:

Providing hot meals to the indigent including the homeless and military veterans.

Maintaining a Food Pantry inventory of non-perishable food items to distribute in times of emergency or disaster relief.

Delivering essential groceries to low-income families on a monthly basis.

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The Anjum Scholars Program

The Anjum Scholars Program is a unique scholarship program that provides financial assistance and professional mentoring to Muslim American students from K to 12th grade and beyond! The ASP is geared towards assisting Muslim-American students who have a strong desire to advance in higher education while preserving their Islamic identity.

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Camp Kids Corner

We are extremely excited to introduce a new program – Camp Kids Corner.  Camp Kids Corner was founded July 2018 by Sister Khadijah Guerra, who also serves as the Program Administrator.  The MISF, Inc. will be collaborating with Sister Khadijah with the goal of promoting educational and fun activities for our youth that is guided by both the hadiths and sunnahs of our beloved Prophet, SAW.

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